Jeff Hebert

[Watch] Last Mile Delivery: Driving Speed & Efficiency Through Custom Innovation

The last mile delivery space is hot right now. Sizzling. Scorching with investment and innovation as brands struggle with cost, driver shortages and demand volatility.

How can companies drive growth through last mile delivery and not get engulfed in a blaze of rising costs?

In this webinar, supply chain experts from Shipt, Pitney Bowes, City of Austin & Synapse come together to discuss the latest innovations in last mile delivery.

The Big Talking Points:

  • Find out why custom technologies (such as drones and delivery robots) are being developed to boost speed and efficiency in last mile delivery
  • Learn which strategies and technologies (such as AR glasses) are being used to enhance the driver experience as the industry battles with the ongoing driver shortage
  • Discuss the importance of balancing the needs of different stakeholders (policy makers, delivery operators, and customers) to ensure the safety & sustainability of last mile delivery

Learn From:

  • Trung Nguyen, SVP of Operations, Shipt
  • Jeff Hebert, CEO, Synapse
  • Jason JonMichael, Assistant Director - Austin Transportation Smart Mobility & Parking Enterprise & Mobility Services, City of Austin
  • Chris Lentjes, VP - Product Management, Delivery, Pitney Bowes


1:43 Current Challenges in Last Mile Delivery 

8:23 Urban Infrastructure Solutions

10:05 Technology Strategies to Increase Speed & Efficiency 

17:06 Making the Driver Experience Easier

23:38 Reducing Carbon Footprint in Last Mile Delivery 

32:10 Last Mile Fulfillment Options 

36:07 Alcohol & Pharmacy Delivery 

39:55 Returns & Reverse Logistics

45:07 Implementing Innovative Technology Strategies

49:39 Stakeholder Collaboration

52:49 The Future of Last Mile

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