Morgan Denno
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Synapse Happy Hour at SF Design Week

Our second San Francisco Design Week event was a huge success!

We loved connecting with our friends and meeting so many new ones. It was great to show our office space and give everyone a peek into our lab.

SF Design Week was the perfect opportunity to try out a modern take on wine blending technology, Vinfusion. This technology helped guests to design their perfect wine and then provided suggestions as to what would be the closest match available at a retail store.  During our happy hour event we poured 172 glasses of wine!

Guests also entered other worlds with two unique virtual reality experiences. They stepped inside the Stargate 64 anechoic chamber, a radio test facility that allows radio engineers to see radio signals in real time. They also could step into the center of the action in Steam games, using the VR tracking technology that Synapse helped to create with Valve. The line to check out our virtual reality systems went all night long and dozens of people tried VR for the first time!

Congratulations to Emily B who was our lucky winner of the Here One wireless smart Here Buds raffle!

At the end of the day, our team was able to raise over $350 dollars for Girls Who Code. Synapsters were so proud that our attendees helped us to support an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.

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