Andrew Beddoe
Director Consumer & Health Business

[Download] Consumers Want It: How to Approach Personalization

Until recently tech wasn’t considered complementary to everything. But now, technology is rapidly changing the relationship between consumers and brands and is driving a massive digital transformation within a myriad of industries, from household appliances to mobility, travel, and many other consumer markets. It’s starting to have an effect on everything from the clothes you wear, the bed you sleep on, the music you listen to, and the food you eat, to the cars you drive and the medicine you take. Personalization is everywhere and although it’s probably starting to quietly rewrite the meaning of your business, there’s hope in knowing we can embrace this change by learning from the leadership happening within consumer experience driven industries—where it’s all about putting more power in the hands of the consumer.

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July 12, 2021

Modularity: The Greatest Product Design Step Towards a Circular Economy

Allan Engelhardt discusses the significant benefits of modular product design as he walks through 4 loops applicable to consumer products when considering a circular economy.

June 25, 2021

[Download] Designing IoT: Data Collection in Harsh Environments

It’s often a significant challenge to collect data in environments where conditions are difficult for electronics to tolerate, like industrial facilities, commercial kitchens, or on the seafloor. But with smart engineering and the right approach, data collected in these harsh environments can provide enormous value.

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October 19, 2020

The ME Team Goes Virtual: 4 Ways We’ve Tackled the Challenge of Making Things in a Virtual World

The mechanical engineering team at Synapse has gotten creative in finding solutions for working together remotely. Following Ann Torres’ (our VP of Engineering in San Francisco) great discussion with Fictiv and Cooper Perkins on How to build a Physical Product in the Virtual New World, our team tackled some of the same challenges and developed solutions of our own.

July 29, 2020

Has VR Improved Enough for the Mainstream?

With major improvements happening in virtual reality technology and many companies operating remotely in the face of unprecedented health and safety concerns, is COVID the perfect time for VR to finally go mainstream?

July 22, 2020

The Alpha Prototype: Be Smart or Look Good (It’s Hard to Do Both!)

Are you a startup developing a prototype needed to reach your next fundraising milestone? Or are you on the path to mass production? Either way, there's an Alpha prototype in your future—but, they're not all created equal. Ian Graves, Mechanical Engineering Program Lead, describes a few different Alpha prototype scenarios and discusses some of the downsides and highlights of each.