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[Download] Do Better. Sustainable Product Design Ebook, Spring 2021

On this blog post, we are currently only able to list two authors due to formatting limitations. As such, we wanted to specifically state that this ebook was an enormous collaborative effort. Additional authors include Teja Chatty and Martine Stillman, who are properly credited in the work.

Last year, we received so much love following the release of our Sustainable Product Design Ebook that we were inspired to do more: more research, more sustainability-focused projects, more iterating on our sustainable product development process. 

What’s New in This Edition

If you missed the original Ebook, don’t worry—we didn’t take anything out. In this update, we’ve added additional thoughts on how sustainability can be incorporated into the innovation process, including how to identify the sustainability issues that are most impactful for your program. To support the sustainable design process we’ve introduced additional tools and resources to help project teams identify and communicate sustainability areas of focus, including the Materiality Assessment and Feasibility to Impact Matrix (FIM). There’s a little something for everyone, no matter where you’re at on your sustainability journey. 

Where We’re Headed Next

We’re always looking to improve our processes and make a positive impact with our work—here’s some of what’s in progress: 

  • In the coming months, we’ll share a case study of how to get started with making sustainability a priority in your business, how to set goals, and then go about achieving them. 
  • Even as we publish this version of the ebook, we’ve identified further additions that could add more value, which we expect to publish in a 3rd version in the Fall. 
  • This year will bring some exciting developments for LCA tools; collaborating on a custom LCA tool designed for use at the beginning of the product development cycle.
  • We are supporting our clients in tracking and measuring sustainability metrics of products in manufacturing. A focus for us is to measure the true impact of products with their implemented supply chains and quantify improvements that can be made.
  • Create a plan for carbon neutrality of Synapse’s operations by 2025.
  • Continue to partner with firms to bring sustainability to the forefront of their products! If you need assistance with pursuing sustainability in your product development, drop us a line at

Download the Ebook!

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[Download] Do Better. Sustainable Product Design Ebook, Spring 2021

Say hello to the Spring Edition of our Sustainable Product Design Ebook! We've made some updates and added more tools and resources. There's a little something for everyone, no matter where you're at on your sustainability journey.